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Take the Steps to Enjoy Your Journey

Some say the best way to enjoy traveling throughout a distant land is to prepare yourself by learning a few key phrases of the native language.  Travelers tell stories of the warm reception they always receive after greeting people they meet in shops and stalls abroad with a well-practiced phrase or two.  Most times, the attempts at pronunciation elicit laughter, but that’s just fine.  Music may be the universal language, but laughter is its first cousin, and the more you speak, the more you smile.  If you’ve made plans to travel to a country where a language that’s foreign to you is spoken, now would be the perfect time to purchase a subscription to Rosetta Stone.  They offer courses in the major tongues spoken around the globe and help you speak as if you were immersed in the culture.  Not only is learning a new language a boon to your travel, it can also lead to a rewarding career as an interpreter in your home town.

The modern family today often includes members from places far away who’re eager to establish themselves in a new land.  Mastering the language is key to making the transition smoother.  Knowing how to speak just one other language opens doors to opportunities that would not present themselves otherwise.  From working in the legal system, to acting as a guide for a visiting travel show host, when you know something about language and culture that can be shared with one person or many, you can begin a lucrative career.  Now Groupon has a way to make your language learning goals come true, for less than you ever thought possible.  They have teamed up with Rosetta Stone to offer discounts on their language courses when you enter a Groupon promo code at checkout that can save you as much as $80 off a 24-month subscription, $25 off a three-month subscription, and they offer codes that will unlock special rates and exclusive deals you’ll only get when you use Groupon.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  If you plan to journey to places whose language you long to speak, make that first step a search of the Groupon site for a deal on a Rosetta Stone language learning course today.